The War Memorial in Orsomarso: a testament to continuity, resilience, and hope

estled within the warm heart of the vibrant Piazza Aldo Moro in Orsomarso lies a stirring testimony of humanity’s resilience against the ravages of conflict. A symbol both potent and poignant, the War Memorial echoes a haunting narrative from the 1987-1988 era when it was brought to life by the Local Municipality. Its silent stone cry reverberates across the expanse of time, reminding us of the wars that shook our world and the painful divisions they carved among people.

Orsomarso's War Memorial, in Calabria
The War Memorial in Aldo Moro square, in Orsomarso. On the right, the playground is visible. (photo by Fabio Perugino)

The monument: unraveling a world divided

The monument strikes you with its unassuming simplicity – a sphere, a world divided. Five elements, each one a unique continent, come together to portray an earth fragmented by strife. The chasm, a stark reminder of the divisions wars have wrought among people – nations pitted against nations, neighbors turned foes, families ripped apart.

In 2016, the Local Municipality embarked on a mission of further revitalization. The silent stone was gifted a vibrant voice as artist Fulvio Longo bedecked it with mosaics of iridescent tiles. Each shimmering tessera a testament to resilience, the monument transformed, its fractured facade now a canvas of courage and determination.

Inclusion: a playground for all

On the edge of the square, laughter mingles with the rustle of leaves. Here, a playground sprouts, a haven for children to experience the joy of pure, unadulterated play. Yet, this is no ordinary playground. It’s a symbol of Orsomarso’s heart, a heart that beats for all its children. Thoughtfully designed, it caters to the needs of those with pervasive developmental disorders, a silent proclamation of the community’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities.

The continuity arch: the cycle of life

Beyond the monument, the landscape evolves. An arch, crowned with the ceaseless trickle of water. The water flows, a soothing sonnet to life’s continuity, unabated by the trials of time. Its persistent rhythm stands in tribute to the sacrifice of those whose lives were extinguished defending their lands. Their courage, like the water, flows eternal, fueling the hearts of future generations.

The War Memorial in Piazza Aldo Moro, Orsomarso, is more than mere stone and water. It is a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, a tale of division that births unity, a testament to the strength of life in the face of death. Its symbols speak to us – of a world torn apart by conflict yet bound by hope, of a community that cherishes all its children, of the ceaseless flow of life that even the harshest of wars cannot halt. It reminds us, in whispers of stone and murmurings of water, that peace, unity, and inclusivity are the true victors of any conflict.