The Armilungo rock

The Armilungo rock in the Valley of Argentino in Orsomarso
An aerial view of the grand rock known as Armilungo, in the Valley of Argentino in Orsomarso (photo by Fabio Perugino)

The presence of this millennial rock jutting out against the Orsomarso sky is impossible to ignore, given that its unmistakable profile dominates the town when looking at the Argentino Valley. Although its name derives from the Greek ἀρμός (pr. armòs), as we learn from the Orsomarso Blues blog, meaning “steep rock” or “mountain peak”, over time it has inspired evocative popular interpretations, deserving the attribution of ‘long soul’ (or ‘the long man’, as reported in military maps, according to the aforementioned blog). The definition of ‘long soul’ can also be found in the splendid memoir left by Divina Lappano in the article published in issue 2 (May-August 2015), year III, of the quarterly cultural magazine Confluenze, where we also find the dialectal term U Crivo ri l’Armilungo (“the Armilungo cliff”). Moreover, even in the face of the etymological clarification, the author of the short article dedicated to this unmistakable natural element in the Orsomarso Blues blog cannot escape the evocative descriptions, defining the Armilungo himself as “a tower soaring towards the sky that ‘seems carved by the hand of a Cyclops'”. The term Armilungo can also be found in the title of the anthology, or rather the ‘trilogy’ by Gilda Crispino published with Europa Edizioni. For the author too, it takes on the meaning of ‘long soul’ (in the sense of ‘generous’) as in popular tradition.

On the Facebook group Sei di Orsomarso o sei stato a Orsomarso se… there is also a poem dedicated to the Armilungo, which echoes its popular connotation and describes, in verses, its natural charm and majestic presence within the valley and behind the village.